The Best Disney Podcasts To Listen To In 2020

Did you know Disney podcasts actually exist?!? We didn’t and we are officially obsessed. If you are missing everything from the mouse to the magical…


Did you know Disney podcasts actually exist?!? We didn’t and we are officially obsessed. If you are missing everything from the mouse to the magical castles, here are the best Disney-themed podcasts to listen to in 2020!

This is a strange time for Disney fans. We are so excited about the eventual opening of the Disney parks, but we still don’t know when that will be.

UPDATE: Walt Disney World will be opening Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom on July 11, 2020, followed by EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios on July 15th, 2020.

Who will be among the first to return? Who will wait it out and see what happens?

It is clear that the measure Disney and other destinations are taking are not as preventative as everyone would like. However, It’s been just long enough that some of us may not be able to wait any longer once the gates are opened.

Either way, we are still on pins and needles, so the best way to stay informed, get nostalgic, learn travel tips, etc. is to settle down with some awesome Disney podcasts.

The Top “Must Listen To” Disney Podcasts

The best way to stay current on all things Disney is to listen to these popular 2020 podcasts that celebrate, analyze, and even criticize the mouse for everything from rides to hotel rooms.

Even without a daily commute, these are some Disney podcasts you have to listen to!

Disney Deciphered

Disney deciphered is a great resource for new Disney travelers and old Disney fans. The podcast is full of useful information about what you will experience as a Disney guest and it will provide insights into how Disney World works as well as where to stay and why.

The overall tone of this podcast is positive, and not very critical in nature. It’s more based on experiences and hacks discovered by a couple of professional Disney travelers.

You can listen to this podcast –> here!

Podcast The Ride

This is not a family podcast, but it is fun. It’s a lengthy podcast that covers topics more at length than in-depth but the guys have fun chatting and getting derailed and off-topic.

It’s a genuinely funny and informative podcast for those who are more familiar with the Disney parks and want to listen to adults riff on the things you love or even hate.

You can listen to this podcast –> here!

Hyperion Adventures Podcast

From studio to publishing house to Proscenium Theater, Hyperion has popped up all throughout Disney’s storied past. When the name appears on a podcast, you know the hosts are serious about their Disney content.

Hyperion Adventures is a husband and wife podcast that explores the things they love about Disney. They cover attractions, eateries, and topics like Imagineering as well as important pieces of Disney history.

You can listen to this podcast –> here!

WEDway Radio

Another serious Disney podcast takes its name from the WEDway Peoplemover, a fan favorite attraction, long-abandoned at Disneyland where it was originally Imagineered.

WEDway has been around for a long time, but it’s still relevant and worth listening to in 2020. They’ll cover many facets of Disney and include interviews with current Disney Imagineers.

You can listen to this podcast –> here!


This Disney centric Podcast loves to dive deep into the gone but not forgotten Disney attractions. The podcast is informative and entertaining with several interviews from former Disney Imagineers with unique stories to share.

Defunctland is sort of an archeological podcast that digs up the good and the bad about what is lost as Disney continues to evolve and leave artifacts behind.

You can listen to this podcast –> here!

The Best & Worst of Disney World

Some Disney Podcasts are more informative than others. Best and Worst is a way to celebrate and commiserate with other Disney fans who don’t always love what happens at Disney World.

This podcast is full of popular and unpopular opinions that are just as fun when they are correct as when they are dead wrong. Two things are clear, Disney is important, and these people have standards.

You can listen to this podcast –> here!

WDW Radio

Lou Mongello has probably forgotten more about Disney than any of us will ever know. His insights into the Magic Kingdom alone are a treasure trove of information. WDW Radio has made a lot of the newer Disney podcasts possible.

In some ways, it is the ultimate Disney podcast, which is why if you’re not listening, you should add it to your 2020 rotation.

You can listen to this podcast –> here!

Disney Podcasts: It Will Change Your Life

Since we’ve discovered disney podcasts, it’s become a bit easier to be away from the parks. We hope you feel the same way!

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