Disney World Reopening: Dates and Safety Enhancements

Great news- We’re coming home! If you’ve been having a ton of questions in regards to Disney World reopening, we got you covered. Read on…


Great news- We’re coming home! If you’ve been having a ton of questions in regards to Disney World reopening, we got you covered. Read on to find out when Disney is opening and all the safety procedures that have been put in place.

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This year has been really tough for the Walt Disney Company. Not to mention the rest of us who are sustaining ourselves on Disney Plus and Youtube Disney park vlogs.

The catastrophic global spread of COVID-19 has upset our lives in a multitude of ways.

It’s impacted our local communities just as much as it has domestically and internationally. While travel companies continue to suffer, Disney is among the most dangerously positioned thanks to a 15-year spending spree.

So Disney World reopening is crucial for the company’s financial health.

With months of revenue loss from all Disney resorts worldwide, it’s almost surprising Disney doesn’t rush to open Disney World. Yet, virtually every theme park in Florida has already opened well in advance of the state’s flagship tourist destination.

Part of that is due to a need to get it right the first time. They don’t want to have to shut down again which is why as new cases mount, the term ‘subject to change’ should be taken very, very seriously.

Disney World Reopening Dates and Safety Enhancements

Here are some questions we have been getting from some of our Disney readers in regards to Disney World reopening.

When is Walt Disney World Opening?

Even as Disneyland’s plans to open on July 17th have been halted by California, Walt Disney World pushes forward with a phased opening which has already begun with Disney Springs.

The Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom are opening on July 11. Thereafter, EPCOT and Disney Hollywood Studios opens on the 15th.

Disney Vacation Club resorts have also begun to open as well as Fort Wilderness!

What Are The New Safety Regulations When Disney World Opens?

Walt Disney World has adopted several new health and safety measures that will impact the guest experience and affect how you gain admission into the parks.

Disney’s Parks Reservation System

One of Disney’s new measures to promote health at the parks is limited attendance. Attendance gets tracked and managed through an online reservation system.

You must reserve your date in order for your ticket to be valid.

If you have an annual pass, you can book up to three days at a time, or your length of stay if you book a Disney resort hotel.

Keep in mind that, at this time, Disney only allows bookings for one park per day. Park Hopping is temporarily suspended.

Before buying tickets or making plans, be sure to view theme park reservation availability online!

New Safety Checkpoints At The Entrance Of The Park

When you get to the parks, you will see a noticeable difference.

First, you will face additional screening at security checkpoints which include temperature checks. You also agree by entering the parks that you assume all risks of exposure to COVID-19.

Many of the resort guidelines rely on guest cooperation such as following social distancing cues and wearing face masks if you are 2 years of age or older.

As Disney limits attendance, that does not mean an absence of crowds. The new enhanced cleaning procedures and social distancing in queues combined with fewer available attractions and shows are bound to result in longer than usual wait times despite fewer guests.

Take a look at this post as Disney continues to update its safety and sanitary procedures!

health and safety reminders at Disney World

Get Ready To Mobile Order

Although dining reservations are not currently available, there are more mobile order options.

In addition to cleanliness and social distancing guidelines, Disney is discouraging cash and utilizing contactless payment options.

Here’s a list of all the Disney park restaurants and quick service locations that will be open.

Should I Cancel My Walt Disney World Vacation?

It’s ultimately up to you and with what you are comfortable!

The timing is not great if you are concerned about the continued spread of COVID-19. Walt Disney World is a hub for tourism from all over the planet. Airlines are still overbooking flights and even at reduced capacity, there will be thousands of visitors funneling through Walt Disney World every day.

If you see this as a true threat, you should not go on your Disney vacation at this time. Even if you don’t, consider how limited your Disney experience is going to be and evaluate if it is worth your money even if it’s worth the risk.

While Disney is honoring cancelations with no fee for dates within the closure period, changes after reopening will be an exchange for tickets at a future date.

See more on Disney World’s cancelation policy!

Disney World Reopening: Is It Worth It?

Look, we can’t tell you what to do or what is best for you and your family. The most we can advise is for you take in all of the information that has been given and take it all into consideration when deciding if you should attend Disney parks.

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